Here’s Hoping

At a time when I would normally be preparing for the Big Night (AKA Halloween), I am sitting in front of my computer, in front of the blog I neglected last week for personal reasons.  It just doesn’t feel like Halloween to me this year.  I shall even have the week off from work to–da da da da–work.  Illogical?  Oxymoron?  Maybe, but to me writing doesn’t feel like work.  (I will stick a few appointments in there, too, but the only day it will have an effect on my writing is Thursday, when I have my eyes dilated.  Since I won’t be able to see much of anything afterwords, no computer, no pen.  Goodness knows what would end up written where).

It is time to start designing a COVER.  If I had money, I would hire it done professionally, but the cheapest (and oddly so far the best) service I’ve found costs 100 Big Ones.  Not gonna happen, not this year.  I can’t call myself a starving writer under any stretch of even my imagination, but I am a broke one.

Hopefully someday that will change.  I don’t need to be rich and famous, not sure I’d want to be famous other than to get on Dancing with the Stars lol (LOL?  Argh, I am corrupted!  Curse you, Facebook!  Curse you, Twitter!  Curse you, Texting!), but being able to support myself, or even to make enough extra money outside my job to take some pressure off, would be a nice little fantasy of mine.

Perhaps it is a possibility.  I have submitted two manuscripts, including the one I plan to self-publish.  If I don’t hear back in three months, by exactly the day I was planning on the release, they didn’t take it, so it won’t even delay my release date (01-13-13 in case anyone cares.  No?  Fine, be that way.)  I’m not expecting much since I have long come to accept that an addiction to writing does not mean good writing, but I’m not about to give up, either.  Not on this.

Perhaps that is the real food a writer lives on–hope.  I know it keeps me going and going and going . . .

Yes, that was a cheap pop culture reference.  Sorry.

So . . . three months to wait and hope and dream.  I seem to do that a lot, at least the last two-thirds of the statement.  It seems to be something a lot of writers do, so one thing I don’t feel is alone.

Good writing, publishing, editing, agenting, ect.  Keep up the hope ‘cuz you never know when lighting will strike you right in your dreams.

G’Night, all.  Best wishes.


One thought on “Here’s Hoping

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    You are not alone indeed 🙂

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