In it for the Money?

So here it is, three days after Halloween, the last two days of my week off work, and instead of writing I am nursmaiding a sick rat (something I do not mind since I spent Tuesday and Wednesday thinking I was going to spend my vacation watching her die) and planning for next Halloween.  I did not realize how . . . damaged . . . I would feel missing this one, but I simply didn’t have the energy for it.  And I didn’t skip writing altogether, I just didn’t do as much as I had planned, didn’t get very far in designing my cover (the program I was using turned out to be useless, yesterday found one that I think will work if it’s legal to use it for commercial ventures, have been using it to make decorations for my Halloween cubical next year and the more I use it the more pleased and hopeful I am as far as a book cover.)

Yep, I’m a geek.  Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, I have a lot of fandoms going for me AND I write sci-fi and fantasy.  Can a modern sequel to “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” get any more nerdy?  Well, yes, it probably could.  Add a pirate fantasy and a sci-fi series about an alien stranded in Earth’s sector of the universe.  Yep, I’m there.

But I’m a proud geek and wouldn’t give up my geekdom if I could.  I might not write about “cool” things or important subjects aimed to change the world, I write to entertain, mostly myself.  Which, in my opinion, is the best reason to start writing.  If you don’t entertain yourself, you probably aren’t going to interest others.

Have you ever read work written by someone who wrote it because it’s a popular subject, not because it’s something they’re interested in?  I have.  It’s not the most pleasant experience.  Even better, have you ever read something written by someone who somehow got the idea it’s a fast, easy way to get rich?  Yep, even worse.  And I’ve never figured out where they get that idea.  For all the Stephen Kings and J.K. Rowlings, can’t they see the number of books by unknown authors sitting next to them, the number of books on the “discount” shelves under names they’ve never heard of?  And those are just the ones that actually made it to publishing.

Nope, if you’re in it for money or fame, get out.  Now.  You aren’t welcome.  If you’re in it because you love it or because you think you have something to say that people should hear, that’s the only reason you should be in it.  Or even if you just feel the need to ramble on and on about nothing and there’s nobody there to listen to you.  Which, judging from the randomness of topics in this blog, is pretty much why I’m writing at this moment.  So perhaps it’s time to stop.

Now, back to next year’s Halloween and maybe a little cover design as I get more familiar with this program.  Fun indeed!

Happy belated Halloween, keep writing, and good luck!


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