Not Exactly Lazy, But . . .

I am an awful, awful person.  I have barely written or edited a word this week, and my cover went nowhere.  The wonderful program I thought I’d found didn’t have a function to layer images.  So where it is better than the certain card/poster/etc. making program I use to use which has now been re-imagined to specialize for scrapbooking and so has become useless (why, oh, why couldn’t I have a computer that could accept the old version?), it still won’t work.  So back to the drawing board (ha, ha.  Oh, wait that wasn’t a pun.  It might actually become literal.  Yikes!).

So, out of frustrated disgust, instead I’ve been working on . . . hmmm, might you call it arts and crafts?  Not sure.  A fun but useless project with the sole purpose of trying to cheer me up.  At least that seems to be working.  Here are a couple of examples, and I apologize for the picture quality, while I love my digital camera dearly, it is an older model and isn’t really made for close-ups and still lifes.

Are You My Mummy?

Bwa Ha Ha

Wish the Mad Scientist was a little closer to show the dark circles under her red-rimmed eyes or a little further away to show the “nerd stain” on her pocket (ink stain), but further away lost too much detail and closer was just a blur.

Anyway, these are the fruits of this week’s labor, along with a Young Vampire made from a Tiana doll who is complete but for her black dress and cape.  So while I am rather proud of–or more accurately surprised by–my unexpected level of craftiness, I am suffering giant pangs of guilt for abandoning my inner author.  She’s poking me with a sharp pencil, too, telling me the few words I have put down this week are an unsatisfactory meal.

So beware, my friends, beware the demon Distraction.  He lurks in unexpected places and can leap out at any moment.  No one is invulnerable.

Two months to “P-Day” on January 13 (that’s Publishing Day to all of you who have minds in the gutter) is slipping quickly and quietly past, time to get out the flail and whip Distraction away.

Take care and keep writing.  Peace, Love, and all that jazz!


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