The Work after The Work

I’m a published author, I’m a published author, I’m a published author! Self-published anyway, which isn’t a lot less work. Do I feel guilty calling myself an author? Pretty much. My biggest, fondest, most ardent dream right now is for someone to read my work and get some enjoyment from the experience. I don’t want it or mean it to change anybody. It is not intended as any kind of commentary on issues or a springboard for any kind of deep discussion, though a personal idea or two might make its way into what is really just a story.

Unfortunately, I suspect I’m a bit like those American Idol contestants who have been told their whole lives by Mommy that they’re superstar material. Anyone who has ever watched more than five minutes of one of the auditions knows the ones I speak of, those poor delusional sods who hear themselves as Elvis Presley or B.B. King while every else suffers bleeding eardrums. I have a really nasty feeling that I’m the literary version of William Hung, without the 15 minutes of fame.

Am I going to give up? Nope. I enjoy it too much. At least as an addiction it is fairly harmless. Though some members of my family might disagree about that, since I HAVE essentially given up on a social life. (Who needs it? Can’t get STDs or hangovers from writing. Besides, most of my friends moved away, and every time I try to go out, either I get sick, someone else gets sick, someone dies [true story], or something else happens. Or I’m just broke). If nobody likes the stories, too bad. I do.

And I will still Promote, Promote, Promote. Facebook Twitter, an author website, I’m doing everything you’re supposedly supposed to do. And I know 3-6 months is an early to average timeframe to start getting sales, so I won’t discount myself yet. More work is needed than just the writing part! Fortunately, at least some of the after work is fun, too.

Anyways, it’s up for sale. That makes me legit, right? Sure it does. Here’s proof:



Author page:

Good night, sweet writers. I wish you luck and many readers.


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