Tattoos and Reviews

Where it ended.

Where it ended.

Just getting started.

Just getting started.

This is the template, not plans for an alien invasion.  I'm glad the artist could read it.

This is the template, not plans for an alien invasion. I’m glad the artist could read it.

I discovered something about myself yesterday. I am a wimp, the wimpiest wimp who over wimped, as I said on my Facebook post. I had an appointment to get a new tattoo, and could only do three and a half hours, so I ended up with roughly half a tattoo, untill I go back in two weeks for the rest. It was embarrassing. And it got me to thinking, is being such a weiner part of what is holding me back as a writer? Even watching such a beautiful picture emerge on my skin, a picture I shall have for life, wasn’t enough to keep me from agreeing to stop when it was offered. Is the same kind of weakness affecting me in literature as well?

No, I don’t think so. An author cannot be weak or afraid and survive the publishing process. No matter what you do, no everyone who reads your work is going to like or appreciate it. There are always people who will complain about your technical skills, your plotting, your characters, or just tell you that you suck. No writer is safe. Go ahead, read some of the comments out there about Stephanie Meyer, or read an article or two about how evil J.k. Rowling’s stories are. Not all feedback is good, constructive, or (as in Rowling’s case) sane. THe words in a bad review can prick as hard as any tattoo gun, and the sting lasts far longer. So, as I learned long ago, an author needs to develop a thicker skin, one that can bask in the good, absorb the helpful, and slough off the crap.

So, my writer friends, no matter if you are as successful as J.K. or as despised as the ten-year-olds on trying to write erotica, expect harshness. Expect flames. But don’t let them pull you down. And if there’s something useful hidden in there, use it. The tattoo will heal and turn into something gorgeous. Let criticism do the same for writing.

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2 thoughts on “Tattoos and Reviews

  1. Wimp!!! Whaa? 3 1/2 hrs does NOT seem wimpy to me at all. I hope I have the non-wimpy courage to last that long. In reality, though, I think I’d be lucky to go past 1 minute. Then I figure, I’d see how not freaked out I was every second after. Ironically, I have these fantasies to get at least 3 tattoos: one that says “Live your life”, one that is an Ankh symbol on my wrist, and a jiu jitsu belt or related tattoo once I earn my purple belt. I doubt any of them will be as big as yours though! It looks great and love analogy with your writing. 🙂

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