Not About Writing

IMG00339-20130309-2152I had good intentions this weekend. Rewriting a short story I had lost (uncontrolled weeping), posting it on Nook and Kindle for free, cleaning the downstairs rugs, and writing my usually bi-weekly blog. I did finish the first (and will always wonder if it even comes close to the original in entertainment value). I was just about to start the second when we got a phone call.

Funny how something as simple as a weekend can turn out in a way you never imagined. And sometimes it’s even in a good way.

So instead of posting the story, cleaning, and writing a real blog about my intended subject (the beginner’s world of self publishing), I spent all day sitting on the couch watching TV quietly and petting a cute little Chihuahua (or Chihuahua mix, I’d swear there’s Jack Russel or another terrier in there). We are fostering a dog for our neighbor whose daughter has had a hard time finding somewhere to live because of her pets. Not because of the little one Bailey, but because of her bigger sister Shay, a beautiful and sweet Pit Bull.

My feelings about snap judgements because of breed are an entirely different issue you don’t want to get me started on.

So our neighbor took Shay and we have Baily, a friendly little soul who is almost as much a lap dog as her foster sister Roxie (our purebred Chihuahua who doesn’t really look purebred either, so who knows?). She is a sweetie who knows how to dance and skips when she runs (I have a sneaking, sinking suspicion that it may be a sign of hip problems in her back legs, but boy is it adorable) and climbs like a mountain goat. I don’t know how long she’ll be with us, but I’ve enjoyed the company so far and wouldn’t mind if it turned out to be an extended visit.

So instead of working on writing, or anything else really, I’m playing with a dog. Yep, just right at this moment my life is great. I’ll get back to reality and serious writing soon, but for now an extra little warm furry body to cuddle with is great medicine for all ailments.

Good night all, and if you have room in your hearts and homes, consider being a foster doggy or kitty mom. It may save a life.

Good night, sweet dreams, and don’t forget to reset your clocks, those of you affected by Daylight Savings TIme.