Does anyone remember the old miniseries V from back in the 80’s? The one where aliens quietly invade the planet, pretending to want to make the planet “great,” starting with promises and slowly changing the promises to demonizing scientists, controlling the media, putting out all kinds of “alternative facts” to keep Earth’s population satisfied and subdued under a Nazi-like totalitarian regime that kept the citizens blind to the growing danger?

Yeah, me too. In fact lately, for some COMPLETELY MYSTERIOUS reason, I’ve been obsessed with it. So obsessed I actually have almost finished an old fan fiction piece I started years ago. (Don’t laugh so hard. Fan fiction is good practice for writers. Not only that, it’s a good place to play with different ideas, characters, and plot points to see if they work.)

Amid researching pistols, knives, and jeeps from the 70s and 80s (yup, I go that far, even just for fan fiction published anonymously on line with no real benefit to me other than that listed above), I realized something. I realized that I am truly, honestly frightened. The staff picks, the executive orders being fired like bullets from a machine gun, some dangerous, some heartbreaking, some that sound good on the surface (and those I want to study much, much deeper), and some that seemed to be done just because.

Staff picks that seemed designed to interfere with civil rights were all over the place. Look them up; minorities, the LGBTQ community, women, there are people on that staff against everyone but upper class white—very white, or sometimes more pumpkin-hued—males.

There are several issues I could mention that make me nervous. Personal attacks on Twitter (um, really? Yeah, that’s so encouraging in someone who’s supposed to be leading the country.) Abortion (not a black and white issue people, no matter how hard you try). Walls (don’t get me started on the stupidity of that mess).

But I want to keep this short, or I will be writing this post for the next year.

So what has me scared?

I thought it was horrifying when the media block on the EPA was announced. Controlling the information available to the United States population? That is something done by a totalitarian regime, a dictator. He shouts about “fake news,” but what he attacks are scientific facts. Yup, makes a lot of sense to me. Sure. Not.

Yeah, that one made me nervous. Putting a block on scientific information because you don’t like it, that’s exactly what the Visitors did. Controlling the media, that’s exactly what the Visitors did. I won’t even go into the Hitler/Nazi parallels, because that just makes me want to cry. Or scream and throw things, which isn’t good when the only things around me are my desk, my chair, and my computer. Guess which one I can lift?

But now. The immigration ban. I cannot. I just cannot. I don’t even know what I cannot, I’m so struck numb. To stop refugees who risked their lives staying where they were, risked their lives trying to leave, to come to our shores, OUR shores, AMERICA, where we actually SAY “give me your huddled masses,” in a simple attempt to LIVE . . . unconscionable. Ugly, Disgusting.

It’s supposedly not “technically” a ban on Muslims. Uh-huh. Well, it’s not a ban on ALL Muslims. If he (come on, don’t make me say his name) has a business interest in your country (I won’t even TOUCH the fact that he ISN’T SUPPOSED TO HAVE ANY), you’re good, predominantly Muslim or not.

Vetting immigrants? Okay, I can work with that. But it has to be ALL immigrants, because NOT ALL TERRORISTS ARE MUSLIM AND NOT ALL MUSLIMS (strike those last three words) NO REAL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS. And there has to be an emergency rush, or waiver. People shouldn’t have to die because we’re afraid of them. They just shouldn’t.

Families should also not be kept apart, people held in airports when they were already approved entry. This isn’t my America anymore. I had hope that we were learning, growing up, maturing into the ideals this country was founded on but has never managed to reach. Race inequality, gender inequality, sexual orientation inequality . . . for a while we seemed to be moving forward, leaving the hate behind and showing at least hints that we could work together and let this country reach it’s potential.

I shudder to think how far backwards we’ve come in a few months.

This country was founded on religious freedom, not religious oppression. It was founded on the very idea of the separation of church and state. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an Atheist. Yet to me the Bible (oh so heavily censored over the years, if it were re-translated more faithfully, most or all the references to homosexuality would be replaced by things that actually do harm, like pedophilia. But the Bible isn’t really where you get your bigoted ideas from, is it, now? Be honest. Funny how not a single person has been able to present a compelling argument showing me how someone else being gay, bi, trans, etc. hurts me. I have quite a few friends and a few family members who are, and it hasn’t hurt me, or converted me, or whatever it’s supposed to magically do, yet. But that’s an entirely different post.) the Quran, the Torah, or any of the assorted religious texts are the end-all-be-all of right and wrong. If those are our only guides to right and wrong, if our minds aren’t strong enough to accept the concept without the fear of some kind of Hell to keep us from evil, the whole world is screwed. As long as your religious practices do no harm to others (I’m staring hard at you, radical Christians), the laws of this country allow you to practice it, not abuse it. (You again, Christians.)

So. Getting off track, about writing, about this post, about everything. So I’m getting back on. America, I pray someday you can do the same.

At the moment, I’m expecting someone to pull his mask off and reveal the reptile beneath.