I’m Baaa-aaaack

Wow, it’s been entirely too long. Perhaps not for you, but definitely for me. Discouragement is the only excuse I can offer, and I can’t even call it a poor one. Awful. Terrible. Horrible. No good. And more than that.

I can’t even use illness as an excuse as I am still somewhat ill. Perhaps injured is a better term. I can say, fellow writers and coffee addicts, that swallowing your coffee, despite what you might think, works better than breathing it. It does not work faster that way. Caffeine does not enter your bloodstream more quickly. It is truly most unpleasant. The doctor said it would take three weeks to clear out of my lungs and for the irritation and cough to quit. Of course that was before I caught a cold in said doctor’s waiting room. While wearing a mask and using sanitizer. So please be careful. My addiction tried to drown me. Beware the throat tickle while trying to swallow. Beware the cough-sneeze-whatever-it-was while your mouth is full of warm liquid.

Yet here I am after an embarrassingly long absence. And you thought you were rid of me. Bwahahahahahahahahah.

Cough cough cough coughcoughcough ahem ahem.

Perhaps it is the antidepressant giving me moments of feeling more like my real self. Truly people, if you are having problems, ask your doctor for help. It is a treatable condition, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Nor is it the “nothing” that so many people think it is. If you are too paralyzed to live your life, please, please, don’t just tell yourself you’re weak, or that you’ll “snap out of it,” or “it’s just the blues.” I still have work to do, but taking that first step has already helped, and I’m back to the indie writer’s fight.

Okay, that’s enough lecturing for one blog. But I do mean it.

Not that I’m not still discouraged. To sell books, you need to promote. To promote, you either need to pay for advertising or (in too many cases for the free options) have a minimum number of reviews. To get reviews you need to promote. To afford paid advertising I need to sell books. To get enough reviews to qualify for free promotion, I need to promote. Can I scream yet?

I know, I know, stop whining, shut up, get out there. Not easy for a confirmed introvert. There’s a reason I’m a writer. My fingers are much more fluent than my tongue. Calling me socially awkward is . . . hmm, pretty accurate, actually. Selling myself is even worse than selling my books. My first assumption is always that a new acquaintance will not like me. I try telling myself “hey, you have friends, so obviously that’s not true,” but I’m not good at taking my own advice. So getting involved in guest blogging and such things is less than easy. Also, it feels like I’m being pushy and begging to try and ask. I’m also not exactly on the physically attractive side of the social fence, so the planned “official” author portrait I’m planning terrifies me. I like being behind the camera lens, not in front.

Yeah, I need a publicist. One that will work for a percentage of royalties. I know I’m not the worst writer, or even near the bottom of the list, but a salesperson I’m not. Dammit, Jim, I’m a writer, not a professional advertiser! All right, that didn’t come out as amusing as I’d hoped.

Anywayseywhoo (oh yes, I am coming off the caffeine hard and fast), I will leave you with those thoughts. Complaints. Observations. Whatever you like to call them. Goodnight, dear fellow readers and writers, and please remember what I said. If you are struggling yourself or know someone who is.

Love to all!
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Tattoos and Reviews

Where it ended.

Where it ended.

Just getting started.

Just getting started.

This is the template, not plans for an alien invasion.  I'm glad the artist could read it.

This is the template, not plans for an alien invasion. I’m glad the artist could read it.

I discovered something about myself yesterday. I am a wimp, the wimpiest wimp who over wimped, as I said on my Facebook post. I had an appointment to get a new tattoo, and could only do three and a half hours, so I ended up with roughly half a tattoo, untill I go back in two weeks for the rest. It was embarrassing. And it got me to thinking, is being such a weiner part of what is holding me back as a writer? Even watching such a beautiful picture emerge on my skin, a picture I shall have for life, wasn’t enough to keep me from agreeing to stop when it was offered. Is the same kind of weakness affecting me in literature as well?

No, I don’t think so. An author cannot be weak or afraid and survive the publishing process. No matter what you do, no everyone who reads your work is going to like or appreciate it. There are always people who will complain about your technical skills, your plotting, your characters, or just tell you that you suck. No writer is safe. Go ahead, read some of the comments out there about Stephanie Meyer, or read an article or two about how evil J.k. Rowling’s stories are. Not all feedback is good, constructive, or (as in Rowling’s case) sane. THe words in a bad review can prick as hard as any tattoo gun, and the sting lasts far longer. So, as I learned long ago, an author needs to develop a thicker skin, one that can bask in the good, absorb the helpful, and slough off the crap.

So, my writer friends, no matter if you are as successful as J.K. or as despised as the ten-year-olds on fanfiction.net trying to write erotica, expect harshness. Expect flames. But don’t let them pull you down. And if there’s something useful hidden in there, use it. The tattoo will heal and turn into something gorgeous. Let criticism do the same for writing.

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